Chanel: The Designer Who Made High Fashion Available For All

The modern fashion industry has advanced significantly and today there are thousands of designers competing on the market for their share of consumers and fashion lovers. When the job of a fashion designer was first thought of Coco Chanel was among the first to carry that occupational name.

This is why it is good to remind ourselves about the beginning of a new way of looking at clothing and the abilities it can give us to express our identities. One person that is without a doubt the most important in setting some the dogma of modern fashion is the great woman this text is about.

Her brand is still present in the world of fashion and it has become synonymous with classical elegance and fashion that makes you look like a modern-day prince on the streets of the urban jungle.

What’s Coco all about?

What’s Coco all about?When she started working in the 1930s she was among few clothes maker in the world that was creating an inspiring collection of clothes that hade an authentic look. This means that she was treating her clothing as peace of art and their creation became more individualized, at the same time she needed to show them to the public and the solutions she made with other designers set the ground for modern fashion shows.

Her main goal in fashion designing was to create a universally understood elegant look for the woman. Imagine a woman in a black dress, with a heat and pearls and you have the iconic image she created for woman. Not to mention the fact that the little black dress is the staple of most woman’s wardrobes, the reason being its universal elegance and the style it brings to the gall that’s wearing it.

The Business

Coco was not just an artist she was also an entrepreneur and very good at that too. She understood early on that she needs to understand her work as a job and her clothes as the merchandise she has to sell in order to stay on the market and create more clothes. This is why she developed her clothes making shop into a company that offered more than just clothes.

What did she do that was so different?  There are two business moves she made in her career that led to her company’s commercial and economic success.

First, she figured out that one can use plastic to create a wonderful piece of jewelry. This is one of those facts that most people look over but when they think about here. She practically created the market for fashion accessories and made it possible for everyone to own endless lines of plastic pearls and other types of beautiful jewelry.

The other important idea she had was to create her own perfume and to sell it to create extra profit for financing more expensive creations and the advancement of her company. This is how Chanel No.5 was created more than a hundred years ago.